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All about alphabyte

Established in 1997, alphabyte is run by Kathy Jarvis - freelance trainer, web and database designer.  Kathy has had a long career in IT and has turned to training and consultancy .... on her terms!  

At alphabyte we have a definite philosophy - we are not the usual IT consultancy - we do things different here!  We do things YOUR way!

bulletWe talk YOUR language - plain simple English, not jargon.  
bulletWe want you to ENJOY using your computer - computers should be fun
bulletWe want you to be as LAZY as possible!  Your computer should be doing the work, not you!
bulletDo what you are best at - and what you are best at is YOUR job.  Let us help you to ensure that your computer is doing its job so that you can get on with yours.
bulletWe adopt a common sense approach suitable for YOU and YOUR business.

Let's face it - love 'em or hate 'em, computers are with us to stay!  So if you need some help, look no further:


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