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About Kathy Jarvis

Kathy has been training for over fifteen years in and around Essex and the Home Counties. She started in the IT industry working for Digital Equipment Co in 1985, where she underwent intensive training on all aspects of mainframe and PC hardware and software. During the many training courses, she developed a clear idea of what training styles worked and what didn't. She observed the reactions of the other trainees and identified those training methods that had the best long-term effect.

And the answer was FUN. Those courses that were fun were the ones people remembered and thus most effective. People learn when they are enjoying themselves.

After six years with Digital, Kathy sought employment closer to home. The challenge offered by a local high school was just the job to broaden her PC and training experience. Here she managed a small PC network and put some of her training ideas into practice, training the staff in its use - they always say that a trainer's most challenging audience is other trainers. She liaised with them with regard to introducing IT into all areas of the curriculum and even ran an evening class for parents.

From there, Kathy went on to work at a couple of local IT training centres, working as Training Manager in each. She developed her skills further and began to work more closely with a wide range of companies, developing training programmes for their staff.

Now, as a freelance trainer and consultant, along with her management and administrative skills, she is able to turn her hand to most things.  

bulletShe runs fun training courses, delivered with the delegate's needs and requirements in mind.  She remembers what it was like to learn - and helps the delegates to climb that "learning curve".
bulletShe can also help you put together your database it works the way you do - so it works with you rather than against you.
bulletAnd finally, she'll help you through the mass of obstacles and jargon involved in web design and maintenance - you'll have an affordable website that "tells it like it is!"

Let Kathy use her skills to save you time and effort:

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bulletBusiness references include Essex Learning and Skills Council, Concord Pharmaceuticals, Brandler Galleries, and  Chiumento Consulting Group
bulletFor full details of Kathy's career to date, take a look at her CV.
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