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About Web Design

Websites!  We all have to have them these days, but WHY?

The Internet is a powerful advertising medium - it is here to stay and we all have to take advantage of it.  So what do you need?


bulletYour pages are your "shop window" on the Internet - you need to make them stand out and give the right message. 
bulletYour pages need to appeal to those you are aiming at and they need to be able to achieve their goal within three clicks of the mouse - the Internet is slow and people are impatient.  There's a lot of other sites where they can find their information.
bulletThey need immediate appeal and immediate interest - hook their attention and reel them in! 
bulletYour pages need to achieve what you are aiming for and satisfy the expectations of your visitors. 
bulletYour pages need to be efficiently designed so that they download quickly and uniformly, whatever browser and equipment your visitors are using. 
bulletYour pages need to be different, up-to-date and constantly changing.

So how do you achieve all that?  Well if you have an Internet provider and a word-processing package you can write a site and publish it.  Who needs to pay for a site to be written?  But we don't all have time to do all the things we need to do.  And of course when it's done, it needs to be kept up-to-date.

So we at alphabyte can write your site for you, publish it and help you maintain it so that it is always up to date, always different and always encourages your customers back to visit.

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